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Capt. Todd Girtz

Todds Extreme Fishing
Fishing the Washington’s Coast and Rivers 
Capt. Todd Girtz (Lingcod Todd)


We fish where the fish are!

Neah Bay, LaPush, Westport, Ilwaco and Washington Rivers

My 26 foot North River Seahawk can be trailered to any of the coastal ports, this allows us to take advantage of the best fishing Washington has to offer at all times. With the changing seasons and rules it is important to be able to be moble and my boat allows us to be just that.

We maximize our fishing time by using electric reels when fishing the deep water:

Daiwa Tamacombull 750 (standard reels can be used if you prefer)

Prime locations and times

  • March till May, deep water lingcod and near shore bottom fish at La Push
  • April deep water lingcod and inshore bottom fish at La Push and Neah Bay
  • May halibut, lingcod and bottom fish Neah Bay, La Push, Westport, Ilwaco
  • June Ilwaco Halibut/Sable; Ilwaco Halibut/Salmon; Westport near shore Lings, bottom fish, & Halibut;  Westport, Neah Bay , La Push & Ilwaco Salmon / bottom fish
  • July Salmon/ bottom fish Westport, La Push, Neah Bay, Ilwaco; Westport near shore Halibut and bottom fish
  • August Tuna Westport, Ilwaco
  • August Salmon/bottom fish Westport, Neah Bay, La Push, Ilwaco
  • September  Westport , Ilwaco Tuna
  • September  Westport, Neah Bay or La Push Lingcod & bottom fish or Coho
  • October Westport, Ilwaco Tuna (first half of October)
  • October  La Push and Neah Bay Lingcod, bottom fish, Salmon or Sekiu Coho
  • October  & Nov  Drift boat river trips (Salmon)
  • Nov, Dec , Jan,  Drift boat (hatchery Steelhead)
  • Jan, Feb, March  drift boat (wild Steelhead)

About Todd:

I love fishing! Rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds and small streams I love fishing all of them I enjoy catching everything from the smallest fish to the biggest but if it were up to me the more and the bigger the better I am always looking to learn more when it comes to fishing and I find by helping others catch fish it often helps me catch more fish.

I live near Sumner Washington and have lived in the Sumner area most of my life. I started fishing with my dad when I was very young and have never stopped.

When I am not guiding customers I am out fishing with friends and exploring new fisheries, I enjoy fishing new places very much. If you have been on a great fishing trip I would love to hear about it! I am always looking for new places to fish.

I love to fish and I love to see others catch fish

I enjoy every second on the water and am not looking to get a quick limit and take you back to the dock. I will not force you to keep the first fish you catch like other captions do. I will put 100% of my effort into trying to catch you the biggest and most fish we can.

If you are the type of person that likes to get a quick limit of fish and head to the dock you do not want to book with me.

As long as there is something left to fish for we will continue to fish

If we catch our halibut we will fish for lingcod, if we get our cod we can fish for black cod(sable fish) true cod or rock fish.

Captain Todd Girtz