La Push

La Push

La Push has great halibut, lingcod, salmon and bottom fishing. It Is located just 30 miles south of Neah bay by water. And only a 20 minute drive to the town of Forks. Fishing  is a lot like Neah Bay but offers a longer deep water lingcod season. And a October salmon season that the other ports do not. Many of  the best fishing spots  are located between La Push and Neah Bay and can be reached from both ports.

La Push has  an even smaller charter fleet then Neah Bay so you will want to plan ahead. Like Neah Bay it can be difficult to find a place to stay near La Push during halibut season  but the town of Forks offers more dinning a lodging opportunities Continue reading



Westport has a great mix of everything  Washington saltwater fishing  has to offer. Excellent Tuna, salmon, halibut, lingcod, and bottom fishing. Located 20 minutes southwest of Aberdeen and less than 2 hours from Tacoma, makes it the closest costal port for many travelers. Once considered by many the salmon capital of the world, there are more salmon caught out of Westport then any other port on the Washington coast. Salmon has been the number one fishery at Westport for years but tuna fishing has become  very popular and is the favorite among many anglers!

Although Westport does not have as much rocky structure and as many off shore reefs as Neah bay or la push it still offers some fantastic  halibut, lingcod, and bottom fishing. very short  deep water seasons only give us  a few days a year to target the halibut and giant lings in the best areas.  Near shore bottom fishing remains good all season. Westport has the largest charter fleet on the Washington coast and there are many boats and captains to pick from but not all captions fish the same methods, locations, are as friendly, or have the same results as others. I strongly encourage you to do some research before selecting a charter out of Westport. Continue reading



Ilwaco is located near the mouth of the Columbia river on the Washington side only 10 minutes from Long Beach, WA. It offers great tuna, salmon and halibut fishing but only a limited amount of locations for bottom fish ( but can be very good at times).

Ilwaco offers more open halibut days than any other port in Washington and is also the only port in Washington that offers good halibut fishing and salmon fishing at the same time.  It is very common for us to catch limits of both Halibut and salmon on the same day. Continue reading

Olympic Peninsula

olypenWashington’s Olympic peninsula offers great king, silver and steelhead fishing in a scenic, peaceful, and remote environment. It would be hard to find a better way to explore the Olympic peninsula then floating down one of its many rivers.

The best king fishing is from the 1st of October until the middle of November. We catch lots of kings ,silvers and chum this time of year ( this is the time of year we see the most salmon fishermen on the rivers). When hunting season opens the fishing pressure on the rivers drops and we have a lot more river to ourselves. As we get towards the end of November there are far less kings around, but the bigger and more aggressive silvers show up in full force and are around until the first part of December (mid -November to early Dec is when we have our best luck twitching jigs and casting spinners for the silvers, this is an incredibly fun way to fish!) Continue reading

Prime Locations and Times

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Please contact us by e-mail, text message, or phone for open dates and locations        253-208-9142

Prime locations and times

  • March till May, deep water lingcod and near shore bottom fish at La Push
  • April deep water lingcod and inshore bottom fish at La Push and Neah Bay
  • May halibut, lingcod and bottom fish Neah Bay, La Push, Westport, Ilwaco
  • June Ilwaco Halibut/Sable; Ilwaco Halibut/Salmon; Westport near shore Lings, bottom fish, & Halibut;  Westport, Neah Bay , La Push & Ilwaco Salmon / bottom fish
  • July Salmon/ bottom fish Westport, La Push, Neah Bay, Ilwaco; Westport near shore Halibut and bottom fish
  • August Tuna Westport, Ilwaco
  • August Salmon/bottom fish Westport, Neah Bay, La Push, Ilwaco
  • September  Westport , Ilwaco Tuna
  • September  Westport, Neah Bay or La Push Lingcod & bottom fish or Coho
  • October Westport, Ilwaco Tuna (first half of October)
  • October  La Push and Neah Bay Lingcod, bottom fish, Salmon or Sekiu Coho

River Fishing

Drift boat $500 for two ($250 each)  $400 for one person privet boat and $750 for three anglers

We fish two people per boat most days.

Prime Locations and Time:

  • October  & Nov  Drift boat river trips (Salmon)
  • Nov, Dec , Jan,  Drift boat (hatchery Steelhead)
  • Jan, Feb, March  drift boat (wild Steelhead)