Ilwako TunaTuna: $395 per person

(We fish live bait)

The tuna arrive in good numbers in the middle of July and are available till the middle of October most years. There is no limit on albacore in Washington and fishing is open 7 days a week

This is a very fun fishery!  It is not unusual for everyone on the boat to have a fish on at the same time when the bite is hot.

We usually start the day trolling or searching for birds and jumping tuna, once we have located the tuna we switch to live bait and that’s when the fun begins!

Tuna can be very aggressive feeders and it is very common to see the tuna hit the live bait right at the side of the boat! Westport and Ilwaco are the only two ports that offer live anchovies this why we only run tuna trips out of Westport and Ilwaco. Live bait tuna fishing can give you a level of excitement that you do not get with most other styles of fishing

Ilwako HalibutHalibut: $500 per person

(We use electric reels)

Very good fishing! Halibut season opens in May and sometimes lasts till the end of June. Fishing is opened on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays  only.

The limit is one halibut per person.  On most days you will catch several halibut and our keepers will be in the 25 to 60 pound range with fish over 100 pounds possible.

Ilwako SalmonSalmon Only: $275 per person

Opens in June and runs throw September most years

The limit is usually  two salmon per day and are normally easy to catch especially in July and august which is prime time. We fish for salmon  out of Ilwaco by trolling mainly divers and surface lines in 30 to 90 feet of water It is not unusual to have multiple salmon on at the same time.



Ilwako Salmon Bottomfish ComboSalmon & Bottom Fish Combo: $300 per person

We will normally fish for salmon the first 2/3 of the day once we have caught the salmon we are looking for we run to our bottom fishing spots to pick up our limits of rock fish and a few lings.


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