Neah Bay

HalibutHalibut & Lingcod: $500 per person

(We use electric reels)

Halibut: very good fishing! but is only opened 4 to 6 days a year in U.S. waters

Halibut season opens in May and sometimes lasts till the middle of June fishing is opened on Thursdays and Saturdays only

The limit is one halibut per person.  On most days you will catch several halibut and our keepers will be in the 30 to 70 pound range with fish over 100 pounds possible. On most of our halibut trips we also limit out on lingcod, the limit is 2 lingcod per person and average 10 to 35 pounds with fish to the mid 40’s possible.

girtz 2Deep Water Lingcod: $300 per person

(We use electric reels)

Opens  in the middle of April and  runs till the end of May. You can keep two a day. We catch several lingcod a day, keepers average 10 to 35 pounds with fish to the mid 40’s possible. We also limit out on rockfish on most of our lingcod trips. Limit is 10 rockfish a day ( this is a great trip for the trophy ling cod fisherman)

Salmon Only: $275 per personNeah Bay Salmon

Opens in June and runs through September most years

The limit is usually two salmon per day and they are normally easy to catch especially in July and august which is prime time for kings. We fish for salmon by trolling both down riggers and surface lines. It is not unusual to have multiple salmon on at the same time. We do most of our salmon several miles off shore at places like Compass Rose, Shark Fin, Blue Dot, South West corner, Swift sure and many more.


 Neah Bay LingsRock Fish/ Near Shore Lings:  $250 per person

 Near shore bottom fishing is open year round out of all of the Washington’s ocean  ports.The limit is 10 rock fish per day and they are usually easy and very fun to catch, after we get our limits of rock fish we will spend the rest of the day fishing for lingcod. The near sure lingcod average size is much smaller than the deep water lings only 5 to 15 pounds but it is still possible to catch lings over 30 pounds near shore.

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