Prime Locations and Times

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Please contact us by e-mail, text message, or phone for open dates and locations        253-208-9142

Prime locations and times

  • March till May, deep water lingcod and near shore bottom fish at La Push
  • April deep water lingcod and inshore bottom fish at La Push and Neah Bay
  • May halibut, lingcod and bottom fish Neah Bay, La Push, Westport, Ilwaco
  • June Ilwaco Halibut/Sable; Ilwaco Halibut/Salmon; Westport near shore Lings, bottom fish, & Halibut;  Westport, Neah Bay , La Push & Ilwaco Salmon / bottom fish
  • July Salmon/ bottom fish Westport, La Push, Neah Bay, Ilwaco; Westport near shore Halibut and bottom fish
  • August Tuna Westport, Ilwaco
  • August Salmon/bottom fish Westport, Neah Bay, La Push, Ilwaco
  • September  Westport , Ilwaco Tuna
  • September  Westport, Neah Bay or La Push Lingcod & bottom fish or Coho
  • October Westport, Ilwaco Tuna (first half of October)
  • October  La Push and Neah Bay Lingcod, bottom fish, Salmon or Sekiu Coho

River Fishing

Drift boat $500 for two ($250 each)  $400 for one person privet boat and $750 for three anglers

We fish two people per boat most days.

Prime Locations and Time:

  • October  & Nov  Drift boat river trips (Salmon)
  • Nov, Dec , Jan,  Drift boat (hatchery Steelhead)
  • Jan, Feb, March  drift boat (wild Steelhead)
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